Burzum – spell of frustration

"i am varg, no ?"

"i am varg, no ?"

Just when I thought Burzum could do some peaceful farming in his hometown Telemark, Norway and get back to making music after serving about 18 years imprisonment, I read somewhere that a movie is being made based on him. ahem !

Burzum has influenced most of what I feel about black metal and it was roughly six years back when I played his album det som engang var. He was one of the first I heard in black metal (its a fight between him and Ancient), and I can never get over his music. What ever it is that he is associated with, for me he remains that teenager who gave me some insane metal. He had to be possessed by an evil spirit to make music like that. And I wish The Crying Orc was a never ending track. Ain’t it ?

bored of chaos !

Now that he is finally out, he is going to have a hard time struggling to stay out of limelight. Nowthat he is no longer a teenager. But from the looks of it that day is not too far when Burzum would want to get back to jail (this time with family) and spend some more peaceful time after being exposed to what is happening on the other side of prison !

Talking about the movie that is being made, Jackson Rathbone (from Twilight) is apparently playing Varg which will be based on a book named Lords Of Chaos. The makers should know there are other ways of making money than touching a subject they obviously do not know. To begin with deciding to drop this idea would be great. The book in question has been shunned by Burzum as being full of crap. So if the makers are reading this, beware – Burzum is once again a free man !

pleasure to kill !

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2 responses to “Burzum – spell of frustration

  • innerwille

    a book full of shit just like the heads of Hollywood Movie producers…

  • gaurav singh

    The book is utter ruubbish, i jst finished reading it, will right a proper review for it but meanwhile would say one thing, The title of book is totally misleading. The authors don’t have a freaking clue about what they are talking about.

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