Peace Sells… But Who’s Selling?

– by Itihas Shetty

Ok. So, Mohammed Ajmal Kasab is still alive. You do not need time to remember him, do you ?

Imagine a group of motherfuckers fully armed to exterminate, with a foolproof plan in place entering a city that is Bombay, and opening fire as if Ram Gopal Varma is capturing them for his next. Courageous bastards I say. Then why shouldn’t a nation that might sink anytime due to excessive unprotected sex atleast do the bare minimum needful of hanging that one son-of-a-bitch who did not concentrate on his training where he was taught to just kill – including himself. It was only unfortunate for him that he was caught but then came the funny side, democratic nation India showed that there is indeed only one nation of its kind – Kasab gets to defend himself through an Indian lawyer. Kick in the balls. ouch ! Hang on – but defend what ?

And Kasab follows this joke with his demands. He wants an urdu version of the chargesheet, and a flavoured toothpaste. Can we have a telecast of two hot iron rods shoved back-to-back up his jihadi ass. live !

kasab, who?

You want more ? – Very recently he denied his role in the attacks. Ok done laughing ? Yeah, he says its not him in the picture which the whole nation saw. Now this time I do not blame him. He is just playing along. Why shouldn’t he ? – I call it human nature.

The point here is India cannot at any cost stop such an attack next time around but atleast can send out a message for all the mess. Need lessons in quick justice ? – Get the common man who witnessed all that on the judging panel or even better get those who lost someone in the attacks. Lawmakers it seems ! Comeon you losers did you forget those scenes on television where hapless people were running helter-skelter trying to avoid some bullets to pierce through their innocent bodies ? And what about the countless martyrs. Fuck.

People behind this case need not be told to forget about humane behavior here. To ensure that another Kasab does not dare to think on the same lines, the standard Indian junk laws stating – the prosecution has to prove the case, all the accused should be given legal representation – need to be buried. What can be a bigger exception than this. Extort the required information and hang. I need not get into what Kasab deserves but the nation deserves atleast this much. Put on your evil caps. Operation black eyed peace !

nobel pee-s prize

And now that Obama has won Nobel Prize for peace, I should make it in the Economics category this year. What ?

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5 responses to “Peace Sells… But Who’s Selling?

  • G

    Hahaha ! .. Superb one .. !

  • Gaurav

    hmmm…………agreed..i m no expert in criminal proceedings but i think it is logical, that trial for a person, whom everyone has seen and recognized from numerous footages available of causing a havoc in mumbai and slaying so many, is slowly becoming a farce. We should learn from US in this regard, how swiftly they conducted trial and executed SADDAM HUSSIAN when whole world was crying foul !!

  • Shreyas Gune

    You know , I come from the same school of thought where REALITY & IMAGINATION are amalgamated into one truly awesome entity : only that I deal more in the absolute reality which represents nothing more than an overly pessimistic point of view and lack of what we call ‘hope’ cuz their is none. Do I ‘hope’ to have some , YES!

    Elaborating : WAR of SORTS!
    The Basic fault is not of the Jihadis. If you look at it rationally , their really a bunch of mentally-engineered group of self-proclaimed bad-asses who like to mess things up everywhere. I mean , they’ve tried to do it everywhere they fancy. India just happens to be a lot easier for them!
    So , they’re doing what they want to do, according to their adamant agenda. The ones to blame are we , or rather the System.
    Now I know , its easy to point fingers , its harder to take responsibilities, blah blah blah et al.

    C’mon , who are we kidding : there is no such thing as fair-elections. We are all played upon by this system , that forces us with stress by straining the economy, destroying the infrastructure , elevating the competition so that we get so caught up trying to beat each other down , in order to climb the ladder of success , we let go of our basic rights. Good clean food +water , shelter , politeness infrastructure. I mean I’m not a hater of competitions but , making it so tough – it becomes rotten affair , and sadly everyone has been caught in it. Students , teachers , mums-dads, professionals and buizzness bigwigs. Money may be the root of all evil , but what’s truly evil is amplifying its evil , by manipulative measures.
    We’re handed over with the lollypop sticks like RTI and Election , but what guarantee do we have that who we elect is the right one , cuz THERE IS NO RIGHT ONE. IF THERE WAS , WE WONT BE BLOWING UP!
    What happened to us , on several occasions : 1993 , 7/11 train blowz and the November Killings just goes to prove that if it happened to us on so many occasions , we probably deserve it. I mean , if anyone of us is eating at a McDonalds joint and suddenly , it blows up , I wont be like shocked and stuff. I know , for I exist in a land where we elect pussies to run the Glorious Nation of India.
    I love my country. I’m proud to be an Indian. I love the people , their joys , culture etc.
    BUT I HATE their attitude , their fake self-assuredness of them being the best , their ethics , their lack of backbone , their sissyness , their absence of BALLS and their stupidity to see the most obvious shit that’s wrong. So , what exactly we must do. Either we should BRAIN DRAIN! Or see such a glorious country get abused by its own people. Its happening and it wont stop!

  • Kaushik Chatterji

    “Extort the required information and hang.”

    Well said.

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