My Name Is Karthik

Considering the reason I watch any movie, if at all I do is how well its music manages to capture me. I don’t know how effective this is but its been that way for me since the longest time.

This weekend and the weekend after will see two anticipated movies being released. You are right, I am talking about My Name Is Khan and Karthik Calling Karthik. While the former is the product of a film-maker who refuses to hold the camera until Shah Rukh Khan agrees to share his Koffee, the latter is pure charm. Farhan Akhtar is a sack of talent. And need I say Deepika Padukone is looking hotter than ever ?

Getting back to where I began – the music. Both the aforementioned movies have music by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy. Something makes me feel that whenever the trio are working with Excel Entertaiment (yea the one owned by Akthar and Sidhwani), the music creates a buzz. They give a little extra. Going by their track record, SEL haven’t done anything impressive off-late barring a Wake Up Sid or maybe a Luck By Chance here and there.

Billu, i desperately need a hit ..

Whereas I am somewhat impressed by the score of Karthik, My Name Is Khan does not seem to get my time. One of the reasons being the teasers. SRK is convincingly irritating. This does not mean the music is bad but it is not going to make me take that extra effort to book my tickets for the same. Even SRK stating that Khan is his best work till date is not going to help. But I will still watch it, as my friends are sparing me the trouble of getting the tickets. Don’t get me wrong. SRK is a prodigious artist and even I liked Swades. But I need to know what made Fox studios be a part of this venture.

meow meow

And with Shiv Sena stalling the release of Khan, is it that Sena is sharing the same feeling over SRK’s appearance in the movie ? – Actually no. But hey that does not make the Sainiks look cool – they are what I call retards.They are retarding the very growth of Bombay. I will write another post sometime praising their stupidity.

heee.. i am 186 years old !

They cannot stop me from watching the movie as I am currently in Chennai, and here in Chennai they won’t find a single poster of My Name Is Khan to tear down. Reason – Wherever there is space you will find the poster of  an awfully repulsive Karunanidhi. Now that is real power !

So yeah, February has something more in store for you than just wail-entines day. And if you have time and money to pick just one flick outta the two then you pretty much know by now which one is worth both. Hello, Karthik here.

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