A place that was German Bakery

This is probably the second place where an attack has taken place and I happened to know the place well. The first place being CST station in Bombay. German Bakery was located in one of the the most happening locations of Pune – Koregaon Park. Many know this area as the den of Osho Ashram. The bakery was situated very close to the ashram. Right opposite the bakery stood this place called Chabad House which was a shelter for Israeli travellers run by an orthodox Jewish sect.

German Bakery, Pune

I frequented the bakery during by stay in Pune between July 2008 and September 2009. The place was small as compared to your average bakery but the ambience and viand was such that it attracted more foreigners than any other place in the vicinity. As for me, German Bakery was less of bakery and more of a place to dawdle with a couple of my douchebag friends. The last time I had been there I remember meeting all of my friends from Pune.

the bakery within

Talking about the size of the bakery, I can only imagine what would be left of it considering the impact of the blast that killed almost 10 and injured so many others.

At this rate I would not be surprised if tomorrow a blast happens when I’m gulping beer somewhere. I don’t see it as  a pessimistic thought. I see it as being realistic.

the bakery today

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