album review : Belus (2010) – Burzum

I was probably the only Burzum fan left to hear Belus. It was only on 27th of Feb – 2 days after the leak – that I finally got to hear it. Ever since the album leaked I have spent a couple of restless days and cribbed myself for the kind of job I do. I had heard only good things about the album. But I must add here that even if the reviews were bad I would have got myself the album with the same zeal. That is the kind of belief I have in Burzum’s music.

Returning to his fans after almost 11 years, Burzum has not changed in terms of his definition of black metal. When it comes to this genre there are a couple of names that instantly clog your mind. Burzum undoubtedly being one of them has earned that position not only because he slayed Euronymous but also because he is the wolf behind those genre-defining albums – Burzum, Det Som Engang Var, Hvis Lyset Tar Oss. And now we have Belus.

I was apprehensive about how Belus would sound considering the disappointing trends certains comebacks have set. But Belus is all Burzum. It is an answer to the shoddy music we get nowadays in the name of raw black metal because Belus is raw as fuck. The album which has eight tracks grows on you each time you play it. I would go on to say Belus is very much on the lines of his best work. Or even better.

There is something about the unique ilk of melody that Burzum produces. It gives me that satisfaction I look for in black metal. Be it det som engang var, naar himmelen klarner, my journey to the stars, or the ever-lovable the crying orc. I get that same feeling when I hear tracks on Belus.

The signature repetitive riffs and beats are all present on this comeback. Though I love each track the ones that are an addiction already are belus’ doed, glemselens elvkaimadalthas’ nedstigning. The only thing that I am missing on this record are those screams, as Burzum has chosen to be harsher this time.

Burzum has given me a reason to believe that certain things in life can always be depended on. I hold things that are close to my heart in high regard and now Belus is one of them. I always feel I was late in discovering Burzum and ever since I heard him, his creations have meant beyond just music to me. Burzum (the word) doesn’t just mean darkness, he personifies it. A darkness that is so pristine, and fulfilling that it gives the antonym of brightness an altogether new meaning.

Belus is another cult offering, with every element intact. If you look for that wholesomeness in your music, then Belus is your answer, and Burzum – your mentor.

Rating : 4.5/5

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46 responses to “album review : Belus (2010) – Burzum

  • Aditya Mehta

    “because he slayed Euronymous” sounds hilarous! He should have a song called “Slayer Of Euronymous” or “Euro, pal…I have come to slay you” on the next album.

  • Aditya Mehta

    And I am currently addicted to Morgenrode and Belus’ Tilbakekomst (Konlusjon).

    Do you know what I’ll do if I ever meet Varg?

    I’ll catch him by the collar and ask, “Behenchod, ye sab pronounce kaise karte hain???”

  • Aditya Mehta

    Know why I’m posting so many comments here? Because people have stopped talking to me since I can’t stop talking about Belus. Yash got up and left the bar last night and Devdutt shouted at me. Imagine Yash getting up in the middle of a drinking session and going away!

  • itihas shetty

    notice the part in belus’ doed where he says ‘seidmannen åndene kaller!’… fvckin’ orgasmic… \m/

  • gaurav singh

    I am thinking of ordering the Belus Cd now 🙂 but would wait till 8th march to see if it releases in Russian market over here.

  • LM

    Nice review, good blog.

    Captures the spirit of the new album very well.

  • Aditya Rao

    The New Burzum is as consistent as his last releases, eerie, crushing, dark and atmospheric and downright creepy

  • Shreyas Gune

    Is Burzum a nice way to start black metal. Since the entire black metal genre to me is mysteriously summed up by Mayhem’s songs : Freezing Moon and De Mysterys Dom Sathanas ,and some shit by Dimmu Borgir , I realise I’ve been listening to the wrong stuff. Having tried some Gorgoroth , and not having been able to find the awesome darkness that I need , please guys : Suggest me the Noobs guide to Black Metal.

    Forever , in Service of METAL!

    • itihas shetty

      alright.. that was impressive.. now i respect honesty and when it comes to metal I respect it even more.. I have come across so many posers that I can write 365 posts ripping this whole-poser thing apart but I don’t as clearly I have better things to do..

    • itihas shetty

      ok now that you have pin-pointed black metal you are in safe hands..

      ‘some shit by Dimmu Borgir’
      Dimmu Borgir is not shit my friend.. hear their discography.. ok not the latest one.. you might not like it, but definitely their earlier work from For All Tid to Death Cult Armageddon.. specially the debut album Tid the melody is in a different league altogether..

    • itihas shetty

      ‘Having tried some Gorgoroth , and not having been able to find the awesome darkness that I need’
      you tried Gorgoroth? and dint find that darkness.. actually you need an ear for Gorgoroth, coz Gorgoroth is awesome in its own right.. and Gaahl means serious business..

    • itihas shetty

      now ill tell you what bands were black metal for me when I began.. and now when I look back I feel proud.. and they will forever stay on my playlist..

      It all started with this norwegian band named Ancient and Burzum.. followed by Emperor, Immortal, Mayhem, Bathory, Darkthrone, Satyricon, Old Man’s Child, Impaled Nazarene, Marduk, Carpathian Forest, Enslaved, Judas Iscariot..

      Cradle of Filth is not black metal but i’d say you hear them if you haven’t.. atleast till the album Damnation and a Day.. good melodic stuff..

    • itihas shetty

      Out of all the bands that I mentioned above Emperor is my pick of my all time favorite along with Burzum (Ancient is special).. and Ihsahn is the best fvckin’ vocalist out there!

      apart from all that I mentioned,now I have some 500 odd black metal bands, dozens of sub-genres in black metal.. so I’d stay take it slowly.. you’ll get to knw what you like hearing and what not.. what I mentioned is enough for 2010.. atleast!

  • gaurav singh

    Can add DRUDKH to that list, Do try them out, there every album is a fckin masterpiece.
    I also don’t like Gorgoroth much, as said you got to have ears for them. It completes depends on your taste, wheather u more into dark atmospheric Black metal or in your face raw aggresive BM, but surely try out the early norweigian Black Metal bands first, before going for commercial shit like Cradle of Filth and Dimmu.

  • Shreyas Gune

    Thank you so much. I will commence my Black Metal Voyage instantly.

    I also heard Dark Funeral , Celtic Frost and Venom in the old days, and happened to like it.

    Emperor and Enslaved have been like a drug for me. (bit Viking instincts here and there)\m/.

    Thanks a lot , you guys!

  • gaurav singh

    Dark Funeral is one insane band…….never disappoints to brutalize your ears 🙂

  • hemal

    spectacular 🙂
    also loved morgonrode and sverddans.the hole album actually.

  • Aditya Mehta

    😛 Hole has a new album out? When did Courtney Love start playing black metal? Is it raw? No keyboards, I hope. 😀

  • innerwille

    nice review! I 100% agree!!!
    check out my review–>

  • Bunghole

    “I was probably the only Burzum fan left to hear Belus. It was only on 27th of Feb – 2 days after the leak – that I finally got to hear it.”

    Stopped reading there.

    • Death

      The best Burzum album yet… period. Puts all other so called True Nowegian Black Metal bands to shame. Varg is the real deal. Hail Burzum.

      Oh and Bunghole

      “Bunghole” stopped reading there


    burzum for faggots, gay pagan emo rock

  • Demonesia

    Kinda caught this one late but varg is still the same. Belus’Doed sort of gave me the same vibes i get when i listen to Dunkelheit.Probably time can change you physically but not your conditional thinking. 😀

  • Itihas Shetty

    n now i own an original copy of Belus.. yeah \mm/

  • akshaya

    okay pretty well written
    i like “Sverddans” Tilbakekomst (Konklusjon)
    but his best ,no varg has got better one’s
    I don’t like the shrieks
    though i loved the album and if somebody really has an ear for it and can listen to it bit by bit , he will love it
    and i absolutely
    second you on the point that this is what burzum really is about and this is what it is loved for
    pure atmospheric black metal
    for me varg has done it again

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  • MachinGuchef

    For me Ihsahn’s album After is the best so far of 2010 just above Burzum’s Belus, two one-man-band that are the best out there(i know ihsahn has anoher guys fo other istruments but the guitar work is brilliant!)

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  • Utkarsh

    @Itihas…..Dude, I bet U must have heard some of the French bands spreading their blasphemy throughout the world. Bands like DEATHSPELL OMEGA and BLUT AUS NORD. Plus American Black Metal bands have really come up in a big way in the past decade or so. I see U mentioned JUDAS ISCARIOT. I am sure U must have had the pleasure of listening to bands like WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM, XASTHUR, AVERSE SEFIRA, LEVIATHAN, and COBALT to name a few.
    But to be honest with U, although all these bands are good…..there’s just something about the entire Norwegian Black Metal sound that….I don’t know how to describe it, it just hits the right notes with me. The entire sound, the grim aesthetics, the cover art, the mood it creates. I don’t think any other Black Metal can anywhere come to the Norwegian model.

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  • Jeff Drake

    You ought to take part in a contest for one of the most useful blogs on the web. I am going to highly recommend this web site!

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