Russian Sojourn #1 – Right Spirit

Starting today I’ll have this new topic named Russian Sojourn wherein I will feature certain pictures clicked by a friend, Gaurav Singh who is currently in Kaliningrad, Russia for some company related work. The first name of the company rhymes with Arson. Ya, I know that is not important.

What better way to start off anything than alcohol. Below is a vodka bottle of a local Russian brand. Enticing, ain’t it?

The pictures to be featured do not in any way prove that Mr. Gaurav is a good photographer. It sure does tell us how dependable Canon Powershot A720 IS is.

I couldn’t start this post with alcohol, but I sure can end with it. Take this poll where you have all things alcoholic.

After the poll, visit the other three here :

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Russian Sojourn #3 : Russian Brothel

Russian Sojourn #4 : Nature Calling

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