Russian Sojourn #2 – Black & White

An Intoxicating Poll was conducted in the previous Russian Sojourn series, and the results till now make it clear that there are no teetotallers (or, almost negligible) visiting this place. That is a different level of relief, and I am unable to express the same here. Some Tuborg might come to the rescue.

Wish I knew about the Russian metal scene a little more than I do right now so I could write something. As of now not much has been spotted by skilled cameraman Gaurav out there. But I will make sure he will bump into something metal in Russia. And why am I hellbent – Burzum’s official site has been made in only two languages, English and Russian. Now that is enough reason to respect Russia, no?

What you see below is exactly how Russia is at the moment. Not that it is a cause of concern but I wonder who cleaned the other half of the car?

Expect some more stuff coming your way all the way from Russia. Lets hope we get some controversial pictures being clicked. But what remains a question is what exactly or how much exactly makes something controversial. I don’t know.

And If you still do not know how the Russian Sojourn series originated, you ought to click here : Origin of Russian Sojourn

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