Continue Hitting On Me

5000 hits and continuing, for someone who started this blog to write one gig review, it means a hell lot. All along, I got closer to some friends who are directly or indirectly one of the factors I am able to write this today. One person I cannot thank enough is Santhosh Lobo from IndianRockMp3 who pushed my writing to an extent that I ended up reviewing a blues album also, Aditya Mehta who runs this successful blog MehtaKyaKehta for that feeling of – satisfaction through writing, Meenu Dahal for being special, Saurabh for providing me his laptop at times when I got desperate to post something.

Of all the stuff I posted till now, I am ecstatic about the fact that my review of Belus remains unbeaten. It is completely heartfelt, and one post I am proud of.

Statistics till now show that this place got maximum traffic on 14th of February. Does hitting have anything to do with this day?

Before you get busy with whatever you intend to do after reading this, Β take this poll. You need to apply your brain only in one direction for this one.

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