Russian Sojourn #3 – Russian Brothel

A successful blogger friend of mine once told me that sex – in any shape or form – sells. I refused to accept that, primarily because I had no clue as to what exactly could I do with it here. Now, I cannot link the blog to some porn site.

And then this picture got my brain working. In there I can see two Russian male clients approaching the brothel so they could beat the cold outside. Easily of course.

security is beefed up!

By now you would know what all these Russian topics are all about. No? – head right here Russian Sojourn #1 – Right Spirit

Alright. Now before you jump to any conclusions and start fantasizing, the photo does not depict a brothel. It is some random place where I am presuming no one stays as the watchman seems expressionless. And on the right hand side are two Russian chicks. But don’t you agree that sex sells? – It sure does.


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