Steal Deal

Amidst innumerable confusions yesterday being the first day of the weekend me and some friends took off to visit one of the only two malls Chennai has to offer. Its named Spencer Plaza – polite way of saying Spend Sir. Anyways its the month’s third week and anything being sold at even half the price will not help.

the plaza

This was my second visit to that mall and I must admit its huge. There are more chances of your kid getting lost here than a certain acclaimed mela can grant. Usually my visit to these malls is for Landmark – to hide myself behind the books and music sections so I can put my credit card to some good use. But yesterday was a little different. I was lost listening to the debut album of Arsis. Hearing that album is always a pleasure.

Douching around I got to a place where I saw some original DVDs of television sitcoms being sold. Now I am not much of a sitcom guy, but there is this particular one named The Orange County (The OC) which I used to watch when in college and was totally addicted to it. After ending four seasons later it remained something I always wanted to own or atleast download. But I have been a failure at using torrents as I never use it to download anything metal. So it never happened that I am searching for OC on torrents and it conveniently returned positive results. Time went by and other things became more important but OC was always at the back of my astute brain. Most other sitcoms are available in Landmark too but they never stocked OC.

And it was only yesterday that I chanced upon this place and the first thing I did was to ask the owner for The Orange County. After a little hair-scratching he took out a box-set and on it was written – The OC seasons 1-4. I was too taken aback at that moment to even ask for the price. I had checked the price of the original box-set online at amazon few years back and it was close to 5K for the complete thing – shipping charges excluded. With the price tag removed on the one I was holding he spit out just 1200 bucks. I was all set to grab my card when my sindhi friend Hitesh Thadani interfered asking it for 500 bucks. Watching the man give some reaction I was startled. After a while both parties settled for 650. A deal turned upside down it was a steal for me.

Below I can see myself holding my prized possession. California, here I come!

yea thts mischa barton..

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