Coming Of Age

Growing older by an year hasn’t felt much taxing. If I look back into the last one year that went by I see a change in almost every aspect of my life. If I was to stand and look at myself in the mirror exactly an year back I do not seem to have an iota of idea about what was to follow.

Still not in a position to assess my decisions, I would just let it pass off for now. Was holed up in Pune all through the second half of 2009 I still remember what I was doing. Currently in Chennai getting tanner by the day, I am definitely not happy being here. But then I am not sad too. There could be an obvious reason of not having any other choice but I still stand by it.

Sometimes you just cannot help but let yourself fall for the twisted invitations life has to offer. I took myself to a level where I do not want to regret reaching.

Somewhere in between all this the genesis of this blog took place and it has been my constant companion. I love my blog and when I love my undivided attention follows. I am still figuring out as to whether this is my strength or weakness.

A little something I fail to understand is how wisdom, maturity and age go together. As far as I am concerned there no truth in the fact that you grow wiser with age, nor does it mean you are more mature.Its all experience. It could happen what I have experienced has not been thought of even by a quadragenarian.

The term resolution somehow makes it way to the mind on days like these and I have never made resolutions and I do not believe in making one. But something tells me I should quit smoking till I crawl to this same day next year. And I tell that something back – Yeah right!

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