Random (Re)Discovery #2 – Legacy Of Evil

If you are in the mood for black metal and do not know what needs to be downloaded or bought now you can get in touch with me. In matters as crucial as black metal I trust only myself. By the time you pass this off as over confidence I’ll go and hear the only black metal band from Turkmenistan. Continue reading for this time’s recommendation where I provide a kickass album from my black metal archives.

Limbonic Art is not your ordinary another black metal band. If you haven’t heard them then you should. Those of you into Limbonic Art know the revolution that is Moon In The Scorpio. While you recall the last time you played the album I’ll recommend you to get their 2007 offering Legacy Of Evil. This album is fast, dark and more evil. Those looking for that Moon In The Scorpio synth work will find less of it here.

Legacy Of Evil tells you not everyone can play black metal the way it should be played and not everyone can be the force that is Limbonic Art.

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