Kodaikanal captured!

With the last weekend being a real long one (yea three long days), a sudden plan was made to visit this place that is Kodaikanal. Began the journey at 3 a.m. in the night on first night which was a Thursday, and I was sweating because of the bad weather here in Chennai. After a tiring 9 hour journey, when I finally reached Kodai did I realize that places just hours away from each other can have such drastic differences in climate. It was cold here and a couple of shivers here and there reminded me of the place from where I began my journey. If only I was told about the requirement of warm clothes to visit Kodai I would have brushed it aside as a stupid joke. That is exactly how scorching the heat here in Chennai is.

We hired two vehicles for 9 people, and after dropping our stuff in some cottage there, we began going around the place. The trip lasted almost two days and we returned on Sunday the fourth that was yesterday. Of all the places we visited some of them I can remember are Dolphin’s nose, a place everyone called The Lake, Coaker’s Walk, Silver Cascade and Vattakanal. Cutting everything short I would just say that the place needs to be visited atleast once as it has some breath-taking places to boast of.

Here are some snapshots that summarize almost everything my eyes captured in the last two days.

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