Issue Paper

Life is full of issues. Ofcourse I am not an exception. And there are moments. Moments that make everything around come to a standstill and you find yourself face-to-face with a stunning silence. Conversing with that silence is an altogether different experience.

Issue is the word that sums up all that is happening with you. You are not over with issues in your everyday life that problems in your personal life crop up. People who are fine with what is happening with them come up with issues. Thackeray senior felt Sena is out of news so he created an issue. Tiger Woods was close to a graceful exit and a personal issue popped up. So it all boils down to the point that life can never be devoid of issues. Or is it because I see it that way?

Homo Sapiens are the most evolved species. Compared to anything else living, the one indisputable fact that makes us stand apart has got to be the presence of a brain that can sense and think and a heart that can feel. Heart can be brushed aside as an cholesterol-accumulating machine but the brain is where it all hangs.

issue papers, anyone?

This post is not to talk about the human brain as I was screwed enough by my ahead-of-maturity-level ICSE curriculum. But I feel school was the coolest place to be. I had the privilege of attending four schools in different parts of the country, but this particular one in Dehradun – St. Joseph’s Academy remains the only place I regret leaving. Another issue.

Taming the brain has got to be an accomplishment. Brain thinks and how! The root of both extremes ranging from all the unrest you undergo as well as the height of that unparalleled happiness is our brain. Personal issues take a toll on you as they act as a catalyst for our thoughts and the brain starts working in full swing.

We all take each day with that one word we pin ourselves on to – hope.

So I am hoping for a day when I can go to a restaurant and ask for an issue paper to wipe-off all that has ever accumulated up there.

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