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The release of Wrath last year saw Lamb Of God‘s fifth studio album’s release. The wait was more so as their previous album Sacrament, although being a good listen, did not live up to the expectations that were set by them. After releasing Ashes Of The Wake, its not the listener’s fault to expect something terrific again. Even I got the album as early as I possibly could for I wanted to judge Wrath myself and not through word-of-mouth.

It took me a couple of spins to actually come to any kind of conclusion. Wrath compared to their previous release is definitely a winner, but then it still cannot match up to Ashes Of The Wake and a couple of tracks from their releases before that. And if there are no comparisons whatsoever then Wrath leads you through eleven tracks that have everything you want in a band that is as loud and as frankly laid back as Lamb Of God.

The album opens with an intro that I really loved. It does catch the attention and personally it goes down as one of my favorite intros. Brilliant composition. It has an acoustic part included and its aptly named, as the intro has to pass for the demolition to begin. The intro is carried forward by In Your Words. The sound on the album moves ahead in a manner that supports the enraging title. Not a fan of hardcore genre I still cannot help but let myself lose the little sanity within me when I play LoG.

In Your Words begins with a catchy riff. I love hi-hats on this one. Adler brothers and Morton are all prepared for that deafening sound. Its only a matter of fifteen seconds before Randy screams. Groove is intact, and you don’t ask for more from LoG. In one song several changes in hardcore melody sets in the mood. Just what is needed to continue.

Set To Fail is the next one and there is some heavy use of snare at the start. Another deadly track, a solo has been thrown in to improve things. The Contractor is fast-paced along with being groovy. Others that incorporate the speed factor are Grace and Choke Sermon. Fake Messiah is the strongest track on Wrath. Medium-paced and signature LoG, it also proves a point. There is no messiah, and if there is its fake.

Grace is an inclusion on the album that can be found on most of their records, with a start that justifies the track’s name. And post the few seconds that can be classified as slow, is a metal rendition of the rather mellow title. An extensive solo in the last minute works in the favor of the song.

By the time we reach Dead Seeds there are enough reasons to rejoice, and Dead Seeds takes you somewhere else you would not repent going. The riffing on this one can possibly not allow you to just be stable and hear the track. I remember transforming into that kill-mode when I heard Dead Seeds for the first time. Another highlight on Wrath.

Nearing completion I still cannot put down the album. Not for anything. Everything to Nothing makes it seem like the sweet fury has just begun. Choke Sermon interested me the least, and yet it has its own strengths. The last track is Reclamation. This one has an acoustic intro but I am still sitting upright as there can be an explosion any moment. And there is one exactly after a minute. At seven minutes and five seconds this is the longest track on Wrath and a lot of ups and downs (read loud and silent variations) throughout the song makes it stand-out on its own.

On the record, all the instruments are in place although the recording on Ashes Of The Wake was better. And I felt the need to switch on bass booster mode on my iPod. Randy Blythe‘s vocals this time are more ruthless and a lot of variations thrown in here and there show Randy’s constant work on his vocals.

I could not garner many negatives for Wrath, but still its not their best work. Wrath is a good album. Lamb Of God can do better. And thats proven.

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