The Flaming Skull Zine

The flaming skull troupe does not include superhumans, but they still do not get tired of being innovative and seeing their inspiring ideas turn into a reality. All of that to promote good rock and metal music. After smooching success with their previous ideas of The Flaming Skull Podcast followed byThe Flaming Skull Rockcast, both doing well, you will see the launch of an online magazine that will obviously be called The Flaming Skull Zine in a week’s time from now.

final flaming skull logo

Also a news that is no longer breaking and is another reason for you to wait for the zine even more are my cum-inducing articles on it. Yes, everyone at the flaming skull thinks I am good-looking and have a sense of humor that cannot be matched so they wanted to extend their friendship by having me in their team. Seriousness apart, I am glad to be doing this. An opportunity to work with friends and doing something you enjoy is not bestowed upon everyone.

The zine aims at a monthly release. Hold on a little more to know what is in store. Rest assured it will be something that has not been done before, around you. And most importantly stuff that will make you wait for the follow-ups, for various reasons. By the time you have finished reading this, you are a little more closer to the launch, which reminds me its time to celebrate. But then we don’t have anything that is named the flaming skull alcohol. That in no way means I’m not going to drink.

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