album review : Sacrament (2006) – Lamb of God

album : Sacrament

artist : Lamb Of God

genre : Groove/Hardcore

year : 2006

Releasing anything after an album that goes by the name Ashes Of The Wake would mean having sleepless nights. Sacrament is Lamb of God‘s follow-up to their mentioned 2004 album, and they released it in 2006. The intention remains the same – to molest your ears with some metal, Lamb of God way.

Playing Sacrament once and stamping it as a bad comeback would be a mistake, although that is the tendency. The strength of this album too lies in what Lamb of God do best – reiterate groove.

With eleven tracks in all, Sacrament opens with one of the strongest track on the album. Walk With Me In Hell is unique and unlike anything LoG has churned out. The guitar tone on this is a welcome change. As of now the title track, Redneck, Pathetic are some songs that are getting repeated plays on my Pod. Waiting for others to cast their spell.

Now one cannot expect some band to get it right each time. If a certain thrash metal band can turn their music upside down, then anyone has a chance to go wrong, if not done intentionally. So here’s a thumbs up to Lamb of God for experimenting with their sound, not bad. Nothing can work better than a fine balance between them and their fans. Keep broadening the wall of death, Log.

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