teaser review : Beersong (2010) – Devoid

track : Beersong

artist : Devoid

genre : Thrash/Death

year : 2010

If you have followed Indian metal to some extent then chances are you have heard of Devoid. And those of us who rely on metal for everything know what this is all about. For the benefit of both – Devoid is a thrash/death metal band from Bombay and have been part of the Indian scene for almost five years now. Currently working on their debut album A God’s Lie, Devoid has just released a teaser track to give you all a reason to be a little more patient with the full-length.

And I cannot give you a better excuse to check out the track than just naming it. Beersong. Thirsty already? And before you thought Beersong only fits in the folk metal context, a whole new perspective beckons you.

The track opens with a riff that sets in the mood. And its pretty much evident that MotorG studio strives for perfection. Beersong is very much the thrash that has been dumped in the trash off-late forcing you to go back to those who started it all. All instruments are in place, and even the lyrics go with every drip of the beer. Let me put it this way – teetotallers are at a potential risk of giving up what they believe in.

Beersong is the last song from Devoid‘s stable before they are out with the album. The track is up for streaming on their reverbnation page.

With your very own Beersong, now you have another reason to get sloshed, the thrash metal way. Play this and go get drunk, fuckers!

artwork and lyrics

If you are already drunk then this link would lead you to where you ought to go : Devoid’s Reverbnation page

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4 responses to “teaser review : Beersong (2010) – Devoid

  • shreyas

    Ha ha ha! I may not be a drinker , but found this track refreshingly funny. I related this track to ‘Happy Little Boozer” from Korpiklaani lyrically, but I can see , its far from Folk Metal , its pure Thrash!

    Good One By Devoid!

  • shreyas

    And amongst everything , it really describes the ‘party scene’ that young professionals may be undergoing after their shit job and conformist life style.

  • album review : A God’s Lie (2010) by Devoid « Absurd History

    […] Beersong – Don’t know why this has been called a bonus, maybe because the idea does not fit in amidst what we have gone through to reach this one or maybe because beer deserves a separate mention. Well whatever it is this is a fun track with fun lyrics and is very much thrash. Beersong gets reviewed separately here. […]

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