movie review : Kites (2010)

I went for Kites the weekend it released to avoid getting any kind of reactions prior to watching it. Before anything else Kites does not live up to the expectations that I had from the movie but having said that its a good watch. There is no basis for naming it Kites though. The movie has a very usual storyline, with a lot of bollywood masala in it, but it has also been made keeping the western audiences in mind. Main reason for it being the movie’s length which has been shortened to some two hours, and secondly the use of the national language is minimal.

Kites is a story about J (Hrithik) and Linda (Barbara). It is basically a love saga. The movie has a typical villain whose only motive is to make life hell for the lead pair, chasing them wherever they can possibly hide. Hrithik reminds you with every movie why his bollywood entry was unlike anyone else. He steals the scenes with his presence. Good looking, a great sense of style and I need not mention his dancing skills. He possesses all the elements that are needed for a complete performer, be it bollywood or hollywood. Maybe his sixth finger is something extra but that does not come in the way of him delivering his dialogues intensely. Barbara Mori is not just extremely hot but a natural actor too. The chemistry between the two is there, it all depends on how they portray it and they do it well. Kangana Ranaut’s role is very short and she just needs to make sure she is crazy abt J. No, not a joint. The negative role of Tony (Nick Brown) has been played convincingly, so the casting needs to be appreciated.

Behind the camera we have Anurag Basu and I enjoyed his last flick Life in a… Metro. So a talented director and a smart producer (Rakesh Roshan) come together but still the magic is missing. There are some out of the box action sequences though only quite a few were necessary. Music has been done by Rakesh Roshan and he fits the bill. Lyrics are touching at places. Background score is something that worked for me.

Kites has all the ingredients and had it not been hyped so much I would have enjoyed it a little more. And I feel the hype is a major reason for Kites attracting more audiences than it would have got otherwise. I would say watch it for Hrithik, as he has put in a lot. Like I said in the beginning Kites is not bad.

Rating : 3/5

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6 responses to “movie review : Kites (2010)

  • vish3116

    Tell u wht…half of the masses go by the furore.. n speak the same language as TOI reviews. One says bad, 100 say so..without watchin..but as u rightly said. it’s always 200% from Hrithik!

    And as I updated my Fb status, “Boston/New York/LA/Chicago/London/ – Kites flyin high abroad but gettin caught with sundry electricity wires here in India! Movie is avg.? Blame it on A Basu. Poor Script? Blame it on Sr. Roshan. Whteva!! Hrithik is incorrigible.”

  • nirman

    so i can take out my gf to this and not get bored?? shez forcing me ..i really didnt wanna.. thot it was lame.. wtf.. O_o

  • G

    Awesome … I was about to tell my wife that the movie was crap (without watching) because some one said ‘a kite with out tail and a kite with out tale won’t go far’… Thank you Iti … you keep surprising me with kick ass reviews !

  • Vishal

    Great analysis..i quite agree with you..hrithik makes anything watchable..this one aint no exception…waiting for ur next review with bated breath..wish they wud cum out with more movies so u wud rite more reviews..

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