album review : We’re Here Because We’re Here – Anathema

album : We’re Here Because We’re Here

artist : Anathema

genre : Atmospheric Rock

year : 2010

Three of my favorite doom bands that never disappoint are Katatonia, Anathema and My Dying Bride. After seven studio albums and winning fans all over, Anathema is back with another set of atmospheric rock songs, and the atmosphere is diluted with their shades of doom. Anathema is known to create a whole new world with their music. And rock gets a new meaning when an experienced and musically rich band like this one diversifies its reach. From being a successful doom metal band they now have established themselves into a likeable rock act.

Anathema has been a boon for the music afficionados, and everytime they prove themselves to be the veterans with a lot more to deliver. There is nothing called as a peak in their career as they are always beating their best. Play We’re Here Because We’re Here to second all that I said. The album contains eleven intense songs, that broaden the very essence of the compositions.

Thin Air is a ballad that is gloomy at most parts and you know if not anything else else you atleast are not in for any disappointment. Summer Night Horizon is built on some gentle piano being played in the background. The strength of this track is the female vocals. There is some serious melody switching going on here.

Dreaming Light is the slowest track on the album. The build up towards the end of the track touches everything you thought existed within you. The track is an orchestral piece of music with a lot of soul in it. Everything has Lee Douglas conveying to you how imperative she is in striking the right balance required in making the band an endearing one. How the band incorporates emotions within their songs leaves you impassive. It has some thought provoking lyrics.

Track five is Angels Walks Among Us. I have nothing going wrong for me even here too. Although I do not believe in the concept of heaven and hell, it seems like you have stepped into the former. Presence is a voice-over by vocalist Vincent Cavanagh. What has been written down for this voice-over is very true. Very strong.

A Simple Mistake stands at eight minutes and fourteen seconds. Something I noticed in most of the tracks including this one is the effectiveness of several intermingled vocal layers trying to put across the subject. Get Off, Get Out is more of an ordinary track in comparison to what pleasured me in the last forty minutes.

Universal is extremely slow but you will not realize the pace at which this over seven minutes song flows. Hindsight is an anthem summing up anything that the band has missed out to convey until now. After such soulful tracks it does not surprise me that the album would end on such a mesmerizing note. I cannot help but wish We’re Here Because We’re Here does not have an end.

Listeners who have seen their relationship go from bad to worse in the recent past would find it hard to holdback in a couple of tracks. Such is the vigor of their tunes. Now this is what is called an atmospheric rock album. Keeping the rock intact the whole atmosphere of the tracks interact with you. Calling them mere songs would be an understatement.

Its infrequent to watch bands supply album after album of unadulterated music. Be it metal or rock they have surpassed the expectations by delivering music that is pertinent to the genus they set off to play. They have such command over their music and they can proudly proclaim that where they are today is because they knew exactly where they want to be when they set out.

Rating : 4/5

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