album review : Aealo (2010) – Rotting Christ


artist : Rotting Christ

genreBlack / Gothic Metal


Rotting Christ has been around for more than twenty years now and has a discography containing ten albums. Now number of albums cannot determine the success or would not increase the likeability factor of a band. We have had so many many unpleasant variations in their sound that any other band would have hanged up but Rotting Christ continued from being a grindcore band to a black act shifting to a gothic/black one to a melodic death band. Probably they want to touch all the sub-genres of metal but I must say they should have stuck to where they began as that is what is the Rotting Christ I would want to know. I say that primarily referring to their debut Ep Satanas Tedeum which was the only thing I found worth hearing.

So it goes that Aealo cannot be compared with any of their previous releases. This album has folk influences thrown in making it another new attempt by Rotting Christ. If I am negative, then anything melodic is a positive for me and opposites attract, don’t they? With loads of melody spread all over the album it calls for repeated spins. Of all the eleven tracks the one that gets maximum plays is Demonon Vrosis. Its one hell of a track with metal-friendly riffs, and works well to exercise your neck.

Couple of tracks have female lamenting vocals which although something new has been used a little too much. One odd thing about this album is the monotonous aspect. Some tracks sound like each other. Use of ancient reed pipes have been made to uplift the folkloristic melodies. Aealo also has a cover track called Orders From The Dead by Diamanda Galas. Although I have not heard the original, it gives the album a power end.

Rotting Christ should have cut down on the number of tracks, as you tend to wander about somewhere in the middle of everything. Aealo is not a must hear, but hear it now before they change their sound again in their next. The band is still going strong and christ sure does need to look for better places to hide from them.

Rating : 2.5/5

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