movie review : Raajneeti (2010)

Raajneeti (meaning politics) manages to turn back and kick all the bollywood movies that released this year for telling them the sheer meaning of serious cinema. Prakash Jha has a fabulous record of making films that revolve around politics and this time around its on a bigger scale. Raajneeti is an edge of the seat political thriller, and considering it is a serious genre there are no songs to spoil the flow. The movie is loosely based on Mahabharatha, and infact whatever has been adapted fits well. Power packed performances, a super tight plot, thrilling screenplay and some thought over editing has made the final product worth your time and money.

There is no comparison between movies made under different genres but Prakash Jha weaves all that needs to be included in a film. Rivalry, heartbreak, success, failure, power game, huge rallies presented in a way that is believable. Ajay Devgan, who otherwise plays the best part in all of Jha‘s films plays a comparatively short role in Raajneeti. Everyone from Arjun to Katrina act well, Ranbir once again proves that he is indeed a good actor, Nana Patekar speaks less but controls most of the things, and Manoj Bajpai steals the show. Raajneeti is a must watch bollywood movie of 2010, and it is extremely indulging with a pace that will make the otherwise weighty movie seem like a three hour breeze.

Rating : 4/5

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16 responses to “movie review : Raajneeti (2010)

  • Tj

    ah…i was a bit doubtful bout catchin up wid this flick,wudnt mind seeing it now though! 😀

  • Arvind

    nice compact review…great movie no doubt, but I’m more concerned about what effect it’ll have on people who harboured ambitions of joining politics…they’d probably be thinking twice now!

  • Gaurav singh

    Aila ! since when were u a prakash jha fan ? 😛

    anyways, you should be reviewing slayer and tetament now !!

  • G

    Compact yet poweful.. will watch it !

  • akshaya

    for me what they have shown is UNREALISTIC
    the focus have been manly on making dirrty politics look worst…this is not what happen in india boss yahan pe one person is killed and there are riots all over …do you think …there are 5-6 deaths in the family …and the public is so impotent 😛 .beside so much happens only in one election campaign ,so basically what they have shown is sheer mahabharta …not the current day politics …besdie i wud have to agree that patekar ajay devgan and manoj bajpai were exceptional but dont think so ranbir ,katrina were anywhere above mediocre

  • akshaya

    good cinema =yes
    realistic cinema =no

  • Saurabh

    got to agree on the editing part. i think that was the key for this movie to be a perfect 3 hour entertainer………

  • akshaya

    politics aint bad
    good healthy politics is nice
    given a chance and someday if i find i have that caliber yes i would join politics… yes evrything is not realistic
    i told you it was good cinema …this shit happens but the way they have shown in the movie
    a big NO
    beside “whatever has been adopted from Mahabharata” if you have read Mahabharata properly you would know everything has been adopted from Mahabharata from the paralysed politician to ajay devgan being shot.:P

  • Umang Vardhan(UV)

    Prakash Jha showed Mahabharat in contemporary way… a must watch movie

  • grasshopper

    Saw the movie fr the review… Found it chuziya… Wasted 3 hrs 😦

  • vishalkv

    thrilling review!!

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