Random (re)Discovery #3 – Ghost Brigade

ghost brigade, finland

Yeah its time for the next recommendation and this time I was forced to do it. It all began when this friend of mine forwarded me a mail containing one track of the band which is in line for some heavy praise right now – Ghost Brigade. The song goes by the name Secrets Of the Earth, and I haven’t stopped listening to it ever since. Ghost Brigade is a Finnish melodic metal band with five members, and two albums to their credit. Wanting to know about the band that made this track led me to download their second album Isolation Songs since it contained the same track and hey its not that they have made just one awesome track but the entire album induces the right sentiments for me.

isolation songs cover

If only everything on this planet was melodic but never mind, I can make do with such gifted metal bands producing my kind of music. Within a day of downloading their second album and after hearing it close to half a dozen times in entirety I downloaded the first album Guided By Fire too. Although I did not hook up to Guided By Fire as badly as I did to Isolation Songs, the debut album is also unsurprisingly good. It seemed as if I was waiting for a band with a sound like this to come along. So for people who do not have the right mail to guide them to Ghost Brigade should go through the band’s discography in order. So when they are hearing the last release and the band’s second they would probably respect Ghost Brigade more than I do at the moment.

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