Reek Of Triumph

As much as I think I should not be a misanthrope, the alarming rate at which human beings change their behavior forces me to be one – a misanthrope. Well that is not the purpose of this post though. This one is to remind myself of the fact that I completed 15000+ hits on the blog. Thank you all for reading. For me it is something extraordinary and more so because I have stopped spamming shamelessly as much as I used to. I assumed that the web space given to me by the social websites are only serving the purpose of publishing my updates whenever I have something new to write about. That phase has passed by and it feels good. Discovering the magic of words has kept things going and it only gets better. I hope to continue writing till i am declared an immortal n then I can continue even more.

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I have been on facebook forever now and it only made sense to create a page where I am able to interact more with people who like reading and reach out to those people who might not have known about the blog. So the same was created that goes by the name Absurd History representing the blog. The world wide web address for the page is : Absurd History – facebook page.

The usual practice is to like the page if you think its worth your time so you know about articles from the blog from time to time. Those reading this and are accustomed to what I am referring to have just now liked something on facebook before coming to this page so its something like been only there and done only that kind of a thing for them, but for others who still are understanding the nuances of facebook this page would have a like option and you are expected to click it to show your liking or maybe just ignore and directly come here. All three of the alternatives would be appreciated.

And just to end this post I would say calling the Absurd History group on facebook a fan page is totally not my idea.

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