album review : The Empyrean (2009) – John Frusciante

albumThe Empyrean

artistJohn Frusciante

genreExperimental / Psychedelic Rock


John Frusciante comes loaded with a past that just does not include being the lead axeman of a successful band but also a turbulent phase of drug overdose and a near death experience. And sure does he have lot more to share and speak about than his contemporaries primarily because he has been there and has spent more time with himself. That brings me to the point that he has released double digit number of albums and the count continues, with The Empyrean being his eight solo effort. After hordes of successful albums with RHCP, Frusciante quit the band last year to continue adding up to his solo discography.

Released in 2009, The Empyrean is the first solo album of his that I came across. Barring a track or two that appear ordinary, you are in for a discovery of sorts. Themes include ones that keep playing in your head when nothing seems to be working for you. The highlights of the album are Unreachable, Central, Enough Of Me, One More Of Me. Particularly Unreachable, it fucking elevates you from where you are to where you want to be. Empyrean is what he presents when he has come clean, so its time to trace his music backwards.

Through the length of the album, Empyrean seemed like a graph of emotions being plotted, with the curve peaking and dipping to extents that leave you stupefied at the way Frusciante controls you. Should I say controlling people with your art is an awesome thing to happen, then this baddie does it well. The Empyrean is a healer.

Rating : 4/5

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10 responses to “album review : The Empyrean (2009) – John Frusciante

  • Tj

    aha….1 of my fav. artists of all time…love his solo project and this one is simply amazing!!
    a perfect combination of country rock with punk added in just the right pinch and loads of other genres amalgamated to get a perfect concotion…!
    truly awesome!

  • arun

    hey itihas when u will giv mee this album?

  • akshaya

    finally someone diversify’s
    punk eh ?
    dude WHICH elements are you talking about ?
    time signature ?
    cummon he aint talking about anarchy…that is some pure intellectual shit out there
    another part that hits me in the album are the lyrics …its insightful.
    his description of empyrean is purely impactful…and that is what the song unreachable conveys…

  • akshaya

    beside i wonder why the writer did not mention before the beginning
    even without words it seems this man is talkin in that one
    its a musical masterpiece
    a catharsis indeed
    someone has put it rightly
    “i couldnt see hendrix play…but I would be greatful if i see this man playing”

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  • Tj

    cummon he aint talking about anarchy…that is some pure intellectual shit out there

    all im trying to impart is that the technicality inculcated in the album hits me before the whole aura takes over…taking his previous albums like ‘inside of emptiness’,etc into consideration ofcourse.

    and by PUNK…i meant the 80’s punk as opposed to the new-age thrash-punk or hardcore-punk. 🙂

  • akshaya

    what you talkin about
    punk back in 1980’s was more about anarchy
    infact the current day “harcore punk”
    is more or less has widened its spoke
    technicality YES
    but any punk influence NO
    talking about technicality
    then i think when shadows collide and sphere in the heart of silence
    is much more superior
    the one thing that makes this album way better is it has got some pure “soul”

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