album review : Demonoir (2010) – 1349



genre : Black Metal


Putting themselves to shame with their previous release, 1349 has definitely made some serious effort to bring us out of the shock that was Revelations of the Black Flame. The only reason for not writing a review for their last release was not only the fact that I did not know how to praise them as I love blasting their first three albums, but also did not know whether I will be able to sound as disappointed as I want to. Well, shit happens and in less than an year comes Demonoir.

Demonoir is not the 1349 that the band is known for but still is above par as compared to Revelations. The album cover might put off the music but we have had worse artworks. With thirteen tracks having names you do not want to remember, the album opens with an almost silent intro Tunnel Of Set XI. But actually the album has just six tracks. Whereas the remaining seven that are named from Tunnel Of Set XI to Tunnel Of Set XVII are inserted between those six tracks. These numbered tunnels are around one minute fillers where the band showcases their ability to fart in darkness. Of the six songs only When I Was Flesh and Pandemonium War Bells are the ones that 1349 should be proud of.

Personally I call the genre 1349 plays as apocalyptic black metal purely because they put me through catastrophe with Liberation, Beyond The Apocalypse, and Hellfire. Considering they are amongst the premier Norwegian black acts they have to get their act together and find their way back to their older stuff lest they will end up as just a four-digit number signifying some bullshit that happened in the year 1349.

Rating : 3/5

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