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It has been a good six months since I stepped on Bombay soil. The last time it was a week before the release of Belus. As the realization struck me a little late than a normal sane human, I could not book my flight tickets. Travelling tomorrow by Chennai express train’s a/c coach not because of the obvious comfort and peace it offers but the unwanted situation sleeper coach put me in, the last time I voted it above a/c. Read about it here Unexpected And Scary.

Plan is simple. Relax and sleep as much as I can for two weeks, now that there is no fucking need to get up in the morning and travel in the dingy locals of Chennai which they boastfully call as metro. Do they know there is a metro in Delhi and how it looks? I don’t think they do.

I was looking forward to the twenty-fifth edition of iRock that was scheduled to happen in Bombay from thirteenth to fifteenth of August but now that I got to know of the event getting postponed I will have to spend the humdrum independence day at home switching between channels airing Ben Kingsley starrer-Gandhi. I am being deprived of three days of live music. Not a good thing for a live-scene-hungry person. Absurd as it may sound but live metal scene in Chennai is not happening. The closest city I can turn to is Bangalore and that is not close enough.

Schedule for the next two weeks would include some trekking, a gig or two if I am lucky, catching up and some alcohol. Apart from all of that I really do not mind two weeks of Bombay Times. Not at all.

Check this picture of Fenriz I came across over the internet. I think its funny.

gylve fenriz

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