film review : Aisha (2010)

The first thing that strikes you when this movie starts is Sonam Kapoor and the last thing is also Sonam Kapoor. No, I am not complaining because I think she is pretty but just conveying the fact that the script was written keeping her in mind. The movie is an adaptation of a Jane Austen novel named Emma which I haven’t read and am not going to read.

The story is about Aisha played by Sonam Kapoor who is from an upper class Delhi-based family and does not need to work. But what she does is matchmaking which is her idea of doing some social service where-in she tries to hook up people she knows and only she feels are compatible with each other. And that is what is the basic plot of Aisha leading her to make some mistakes with a self realization thrown in and finally ofcourse she herself falls in love. So I should have said it is essentially a love story.

Opposite her is Abhay Deol who has come a long way since his bollywood entry. I am a fan since Dev D. Deol also has a small role like everyone else in the film and he does his bit well. Others worth mentioning are Cyrus Sahukar who has a comparatively meaty role, Ira Dubey and Amrita Puri who play Aisha‘s best friend and just another friend respectively, Lisa Haydon, Arunoday Singh and Anand Tiwari.

Although the movie is another usual story of a guy and girl realizing that they are meant to be together there still are certain scenes and dialogues that do their intended job. For me these are the moments that differentiates one love story from the other.

Music becomes the movie’s strength with Amit Trivedi retaining his touch. Dev D did good to a lot of people. I have not heard anything about the director Rajshree Ojha before this.

I would not say that I liked the film but then I would also not say I did not like it, as I (do not) Hate Luv Stories. Aisha is more of a chick-flick which is not really done in Bollywood. But that alone cannot be the reason for watching a movie, nor is the four-star rating given by Nikhat Kazmi in TOI last Friday. Aisha is all style and no story but there is something about the way this movie has been presented and has a fresh look and feel. With no intentions to encourage Anil Kapoor‘s younger daugther Rhea for her debut into film production, I think the movie can be watched once. But in a week or so the movie will be forgotten. Watch it before that happens.

Rating : 3/5

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