Illusion of Independence

Today is the sixty third year of India‘s independence. Although I am fully conscious that I am an Indian, I do not feel the need to be proud of being one and I am not patriotic too. Well that is just my opinion. I can go on and on about how and why India is not where it could have been, but I do not want to. Not today. Not ever.

Let me focus on the talked about and current issue of Commonwealth Games. Sixty three years and we cannot organize an event of international standards. I do not know when the work had begun on the construction of the required venues, and who is handling all of this but then that should not be my concern either. If India chose to make a bid in order to get a chance for conducting the events then they better make it happen well. Games are around the corner and still the construction is on which means there is a flaw somewhere in the planning, or there is no plan at all. These politicians do not want to have any limits to get involved in corruption. Think about the amount of black money these sickos pocket without knowing what they are going to do with all of that. They would anyways die sometime, wouldn’t they?


The final blow in the nail would be when due to the failure of CWG, India loses its contract for Cricket World Cup, 2011. Maybe then the lesson will be learnt. Or maybe not. Well cricket aficionados need not worry as cricket is handled by blowjob-specialist Sharad Pawar. He has been making shitloads of money out of this but at the same time does not give a chance to complain. Here’s wishing him a lifetime of safe blowjobs. And yea, Happy (In)Dependence Day.

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