Hammering the Gods

Bought a digipak of Seven Churches recently. Its the debut album of death/thrash metal band Possessed that was released in 1985. I would not say anything about this classic evil release. Download it if you still haven’t. Thought of sharing this tantalizing package that Century Media Records chose to call The Ultimate Edition, and I could not agree less.

This is the front cover. Apart from the killer logo that represents Possessed, the glossy feel of the box makes it even more irresistible.

The first unfold has seven priests getting ready to headband and on the adjacent side there is the band themselves staring at me or is it the other way around?

Another turn and there are seven churches present. Well this could be the only place where such a thing is possible but only until they are put to shame once the album begins playing.

The digipak has been designed in such a way that once opened completely it takes the shape of an inverted cross. No, I’m not done yet. There is a little something else left too.

Zoomed in a bit to admire the compact disc.

The inlay.

The center page of the inlay. The 20 page inlay contains lyrics, old photos, liner notes, flyers, etc.

These are a set of seven separate inlays that this edition claims can be folded to form seven separate small paper churches. Haven’t done that yet.

And for all of this I paid just seven hundred bucks. Its prayer time for you, rush! while I blast this and make it difficult for you to find your god.

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