album review : Night is the New Day (2009) – Katatonia

albumNight is the New Day


genre : Doom/Death Metal, Depressive Rock


One of the few bands that get my undivided attention is Katatonia. Every note that they play has something that I can relate to. Everytime they release an album I declare a week of mourning for myself, which is my way of welcoming one of the torchbearers of doom metal with open arms. Most of the times I complain that bands want their fans to live off the music they created in the initial few years of their career. Since the bands get lost somwwhere down the line and term the new direction as an experiment. But Katatonia holds this rare distinction of catering to their audience with a rich menu of albums. Pick any album as your starter you are assuring yourself that the main course and dessert, which could be any other album from the menu, are also going to fulfill your senses.

Night Is The New Day is what they chose to name their 2009 album. Beginning as a strong doom metal band in 1991 and having gradually moved towards a thorough progressive doom outfit, they are not over yet. Forsaker, the first track is what they make after creating a special place for doom in my life with all their previous works. The pleasure is all mine. What I am looking for is intact, its spread all over. Not taking more than an average time of four and a half minutes per track, throughout the album Katatonia seeks to build an emotional bond with the listeners. And they do it better than James Cameroon‘s blue characters.

There is no chance that you cannot like the second track, The Longest Year. A sudden need to headbang is felt on this track as this part crops out of nowhere. Hence the craziness for the band. Idle Blood, Onward Into Battle, Liberation, Day And Then The Shade are progressive bits on the album done in an indirect way. The Promise Of Deceit is a soft track and reading the lyrics of this one will help you understand things better.

You could be new to doom and would want to know what the genre is all about in a nutshell then you should listen to Nephilim. It pretty much does the talking. If climbing stairs is not your thing then put on New Night, and try catching what is happening in the track. Without complaints you will reach where you want to but you would still be figuring out the track.

Now this is my review of Katatonia‘s Night Is The New Day. I know I sounded biased but for me Katatonia is a religion and whatever they say is right. So if they feel night is the new day, then each of those beings who are forced to work in night shifts can rejoice that they too have day jobs now.

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