Ep review : Discord (2010) – Skrypt

ep : Discord

artist : Skrypt

genre : Death / Progressive Metal


First things first. An Ep should not be more than four tracks, neither should it be less than that. Yes, Skrypt gets the first aspect right. Hyderabad based metal-band Skrypt have just released an Ep titled Discord, and this is their debut release.

Discord sets off with the track Artifice. The track was up for streaming on their reverbnation page well before the release. Mid-way into Artifice and I must admit they are impressive. Artifice has a very Arsis-inspired sound although the band does not state them as an influence, which is a good thing as this sound is their own and not from a band they are influenced from. So Arsis fans know how the album would open. Explode!

A thrash/death metal band, Skrypt are more of death as compared to little or no thrash. Anathema (no, not the band) is the second track. It begins with a riff coupled with double bass riding along which is not uncommon but what follows is different from what has been heard on track number one. Strength of Skrypt is the fact that they showcase their talent across the Ep by not confining themselves to any genre in particular.

The third track Supremacy takes a progressive approach to provide a good workout for your neck. This is what I was waiting for when I read that Skrypt even has progressive metal going for them. The Ep-finale Constructing the Absolute falls a bit short musically when compared to the previous three tracks, but post three minutes the track picks up and draws back the attention. Skrypt basically has heavy melodic riffs with that level of drumming to accompany the guitars. Vocals fit in well and nothing seems out of place. No complaints about the production on the Ep.

If the band is able to replicate the Ep live then they need not worry about the number of appreciators of their music. The tightness on the record is what the audience looks for. The only disadvantage here is the fact that music like this has been heard before. In that case, what becomes important is how the tracks are constructed and atleast two of the tracks on Discord will stay with you after the Ep gets over. Now have to wait and watch how much more different would they sound on the full-length.

Rating : 3.5/5

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