Random (re)Discovery #4 – Direwolf

With nothing much to feel excited about in the black metal scene nowadays there is something I have been playing quite a lot off-late and would want to recommend. Hailing from United States, Direwolf is the name of the band and Beyond the Lands of Human Existence is the album. Everything handled by this one man – Mike Lerner who also does the guitars for Behold… The Arctopus, the album directly hit that area of me which was lying inactive due to an increased dependency on the music that sealed my belief in metal.

Before this album seems like just another release I’ll clarify that the genre here is technical progressive black metal. I have not come across anything that sounded like this before and I am three years late. Released in 2007, it took seven fucking years for the completion of this album and each of the nine tracks make it easier to digest this fact. Carefully hear the album and see the production cast a spell over you. From what I feel Direwolf is a sexy name for a band and the kind of black metal we are given access to here is just hair-raising.

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