Ep review : Long Road (2010) – Gamma Proxima

ep : Long Road

artist : Gamma Proxima

genre : Acoustic / Instrumental

year : 2010

Gamma Proxima‘s debut Long Road is sort of an example for other acts to imitate, be it any genre that you might be looking at. Being silent all this while as they claim to be since their formation in 2005, Gamma Proxima has released something that is going to shut you up. The Finnish-duo Sami Ruohonen and Antti Sorsa play acoustic and instrumental tracks and 2010 saw them release their Ep which contains five tracks.


The tracks are Long Road, Loneliness, Formations Of Yearning, Immersions, Dusk Of Desolation. Five simple ideas have been executed to produce five divine tracks. This Ep managed to provoke the poetic bit in me and here I put down a couple of lines that just took their course from thoughts to words. Well, I began walking on a long road and somewhere in between loneliness gripped me leading me towards a heartache that was followed by the formations of yearning. These thoughts of mine looked for immersions. With not much to choose I welcomed the dusk of desolation, and now I love this feeling of obscurity. Leave me alone on this long road.

Antti Sorsa and Sami Ruohonen

Well Gamma Proxima‘s musical sense makes one thing evident that the two men involved here have understood the way of expressing the true idea behind their tracks even as they prefer to be vocally invisible. They take us through an experience that basically allows you to live through the tracks and you will know that the tracks have been named that for a reason.

Long Road is what you need if you are an insomniac. Play the Ep and it will put you off to sleep. Powerful, aren’t they?

Rating : 4/5

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