album review : Demo (2010) – Thrawsunblat

album : Demo

artist : Thrawsunblat

year : 2010

genre : Raw Folk/Melodic Black Metal

Canadian metal band Thrawsunblat kicks some serious ass. This is to talk about their debut demo they released over the net in the last year of this decade and that is 2010. They chose not to give it a name and call it just that – a demo. It had been a while since I played something melodic and I could not have possibly not missed it. In no time Thrawsunblat moved from the torrent application to my iPod.

Thrawsunblat are a band that plays raw folk/melodic black metal. Killer combination! I have heard folk metal and I enjoy it. I have heard melodic black and I fantasize about it. But these two musicians from Canada play a mixture and you will have nothing to say against them. Starting from the first second to the last the demo does not have a single moment not having melody. In short every note of all the eight tracks have melody in some form or the other. That is how musically rich the demo is. It’s up for free download and the details are available on their myspace page.

The recording is just raw enough to make the music even more enjoyable. Along with the screeches they also have clean vocals thrown in and these parts seem like some voices coming from the sky. Slide those clouds aside and you will find the two members Joel Violette and David Gold feeling proud about knowing their shit. Some of the notable tracks that are maybe a little better than the others are Black Sky, Slake the Earth, She Arboreal and Vastland. Both Joel and David are also part of a more known metal band Wood of Ypres. More about this melodic black act some other time.

But sadly the band is seen asking for funds so they can come out with a full-length but after over ten thousand downloads of their demo the band should just take it easy. If some label does not think they should sign Thrawsunblat then fuck the label. The demo has done what it was intended to do and has earned its fans. Here’s to another ten thousand downloads.

Rating : 3.5/5

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5 responses to “album review : Demo (2010) – Thrawsunblat

  • akshaya

    and so they deserve a 4
    the drumming is really nice and i love the clean vocals … i love the guitars and the lyrics are nice too …congrats on your 100th …
    i love this band
    thanx for writing about them

  • Edwin

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  • thereisalwayssoma

    Hello, can you tell me where can I find the demo? Thanks!

    • Itihas Shetty

      Hey! I couldn’t find the download link anywhere as the original one which the band had provided has been deleted. But you can listen to the entire demo at the Thrawsunblat’s soundcloud page here

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