Ep review : Dinner is You (2010) – Albatross

ep : Dinner is You

artist : Albatross

genre : Horror Metal

year : 2010

Defying the norms of playing some known genre, Indian metal band Albatross decided to form a genre of their own. The band is seen combining their literary interests with their musical abilities and this amalgamation resulted in horror. Yeah, after giving the world some unexplored genres like demonic metal and humor metal, Demonstealer Records have delivered horror metal and they continue to entertain. Known to pick their bands carefully, Albatross comes across as a worthwhile experience.

Dinner is You plays around the disease of Kuru which simply put is a condition among cannibals where they just cannot stop laughing. Its not just originality that I wish to talk about but also the way many genres have been woven together.

The Ep has a simple introduction titled The Great Plague of the 21st Century but is enough to bring you closer to your organs. Guest Mihir takes on as the voice of Albatross for this one. In less than two minutes we are sucked in. Are you scared already? – Don’t be.

Albatross is essentially a thrash band drawing influences from power, speed, heavy and progressive genres. Next track The Dining Table deserves an applause. Lyrically the song is an interaction and unleashing his vocal capabilities here is Biprorshee and he will be remembered for a longtime for his work on the Ep. Clean vocals with high pitched variations is a complete win for the band. The solo that completes this track makes this a personal favorite. Bass is handled by Albatross-founder Riju and he keeps it loud and glaring throughout.

Speeding things up is In the Court of Kuru and this track has King Diamond sprinkled in between. Apart from being groovy enough to get you going, lyrics on this one only improves. Fourth track Among the Cannibals stands at almost ten minutes and is a metal ride. All members are seen enjoying their parts. Guitarists Rajarshi and Jimmy play with their instruments especially in the latter half. Loads of head spinning involved here. Jay Thacker is a drummer to watch out for. Everything on the Ep has been mastered by Andy La Rocque (King Diamond) and things would not have been the same without his refining touch.

The theme of horror is not something everyone would relate to but this concept extended play would put the fear back into your lives. Dinner is You is your gateway to the world of cannibals and has metal in abundance. The message is clear. Albatross has arrived.

Rating : 4/5

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