album review : Axioma Ethica Odini (2010) – Enslaved

album : Axioma Ethica Odini

artist : Enslaved

genre : Progressive Black/Viking Metal

year : 2010

There are very few bands that have evolved so well as has Enslaved. Whatever Axioma Ethica Odini means I am surely enjoying the eleventh release of these Norwegian metallers. Enslaved makes the listener feel priviledged and with the kind of riffing on this album I’d just want to give them their second Norwegian Grammy. The album has various moods on it and the bass and drums help in tightening the screw.

As is true with their discography, Axioma Ethica Odini also has variety on it with simple melodic stuff to rolling blast beats. You are in for good amount of clean vocals and the swap between clean and screech is well handled. Another pleasing black metal release this year after Belus, Reptilian, Demonoir and Abrahadabra, and this genre continues to impress me.

Come December-2010 and Enslaved will play India for the second time. Missing them the last time was not my fault as only after they went did I know that they had come. Funny as it sounds and so the Indian scene has changed considerably over the years in various aspects. Looking forward to the gig, and as far as Ethica Axioma Odini is concerned it is worth all your time.

Rating : 4/5

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