album review : Death Gods (2010) – Deathchain

album : Death Gods

artist : Deathchain

genre : Death/Thrash Metal

year : 2010

Album number five and Deathchain has fast grown into a band that leaves you asking for more. Playing death/thrash metal since 2001, Deathchain has already released four albums that although not too out of the box are still very much a part of my playlist.

A challenging genre like the one Deathchain plays requires every member to put in a little extra, and the album in focus right now – Death Gods has all of them pushing the envelope. There are eight tracks and most of them are around four and a half minutes long. Perfect! The tracks make headbanging a necessity as is always the case with the way Deathchain construct their tracks.

Being a little different, both in terms of length and composition is track five – We Are Unearthed. Solos throughout and breakdowns with blast beats makes this the captain of the album. Cthulu Rising, at over twelve minutes is pretty lengthy but is not at all a torture. There is no instrument-domination on the album. There are loads of solos but a little feel of similarity between certain tracks is the only factor that should sound as a complain.

Death/thrash metal has seen better releases including Deathchain‘s own early albums. But Death Gods is an album that is more than just a decent release. And by now Deathchain should know that they aren’t just death gods, they are gods of deathrash as well.

Rating : 3.5/5

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