album review : Phantasmagoria (2010) – Limbonic Art

album : Phantasmagoria

artist : Limbonic Art

genre : Symphonic Black Metal

year : 2010

2010 has been a strong year for black metal, as the bands that made sure the genre is not looked down upon right from its inception make tomorrow worth living. Limbonic Art have always been doing their thing and at the same time their followers welcome their new releases. With negligible or absolutely no glitches in any of their albums, Limbonic Art is one of the major players and have kept symphonic black metal alive.

Phantasmagoria – as is the new album named, sticks to the genre and has twelve tracks. For those who are not versed with this kind of metal, in simple words Limbonic Art plays music that is dark, fast, epic and has choirs to go with it. And believe me Phantasmagoria goes further away from any source of light.

All of the songs are different from the other and each track has its own signature riffing and beats. Things can never get monotonous with Limbonic Art. Hearing fabulous works of metal like this one makes it hard to pick favorite tracks but I’d say Crypt of Bereavement, A World of Pandemonium, Prophetic Dreams and Astral Projection are stronger.


A one-man project since the band’s reformation in 2006, everything on this album has been done by Daemon who took over completely after Morfeus worked alone till 2009. A commendable effort by Daemon in creating something so majestic and complex as Phantasmagoria, this makes it easier to say that there is no end to creativity. Hope the band has no plans of hanging up as they did once in 2003. Limbonic Art has painted the world black with yet another release. Get Phantasmagoria and be a part of their journey.

Rating : 4/5

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