album review : Poetry for the Poisoned (2010) – Kamelot

album : Poetry for the Poisoned

artist : Kamelot

genre : Melodic Power Metal

year : 2010

Power metal happens to be my least favorite genre. Reason being the bands gracing this genre going overboard with absolutely everything. Be it the melody that is just too much to take, the guitarists playing all the solos they know in a song, the vocals being stretched beyond need, add to that the multiple vocals that increases the chaos. All this apart from the fact that they are always happy about something and they sing about how they ecstatic they always are. Well not bad, but they sure can turn back and say power metal is tough to play and produce. And the genre has some crazy fucking fans. Alright, Kamelot have loads of power metal in them and they too are needless to say, melodic.

Poetry for the Poisoned is their 2010 release for all the people who want a power trip, and its their ninth studio release. There are fourteen tracks and that is also what I dislike about Poetry for the Poisoned. What saves the boat is the tracks aren’t over eight or nine minutes. They all windup within a maximum of five and a half. Nothing too interesting about the release as the songs are quite monotonous.

The album includes a couple of guest appearances by Bjorn Strid (Soilwork, Darkane), Jon Oliva (Savatage), Amanda Somerville (Epica) and Simone Simons (Epica). Even that does not guarantee any upliftment. The only track that I did play twice was House on a Hill which is decently a cut above the rest. Vocals are good and all the instrument players do their respective jobs well but still the spark is missing.

Agreed I do not have a strong liking for power metal but then I have heard a lot of it and that is how I developed a dislike for the genre. So in comparison to many of the albums that have a power metal tag, Kamelot‘s Poetry for the Poisoned is not what I’d play more than once. You can avoid it as well.

Rating : 2.5/5

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