album review : The Happy Goat (2009) – Tough on Tobacco

album : The Happy Goat

artist : Tough on Tobacco

genre : Pop / Rock / Reggae

year : 2009

I am a firm believer that music has every ability to make a smoking addict quit, get a sex maniac to start behaving otherwise, convert an alcoholic into a teetotaller without coming back, and make an atheist believe in god. The latter is not at all happening in my case though. But the point here is to put a line or two talking about the power of music which goes beyond just getting pleased by it, and if it is music like this then why the fuck not! Tough on Tobacco succeeds in bringing out an album that manages to touch you. It stays with you while you seem to have moved on.

The Happy Goat is the debut release of Bombay band Tough on Tobacco. It’s simple, there are ten tracks inclining towards various scenarios and moods and is extremely entertaining. The first half is more about emotions and there is more of fun in the second half.

Already Told You, Consuella and Don’t Leave me Behind are my favorites from the first half as they tread the melodic path and convey. You’ve been there and there is something for you in all three of them. Voices in my Head and Concert Piano too are dissimilar and go down well specially the latter one where a piano speaks well.

In the second half, we have Happy, Taxi Song and Tough on Tobacco scoring over Forest of Doom and Wait Till the Night’s Out although all five of them are way distinct in their approach. Taxi Song is about driving safely and there is an official video out there too. A violin section on this one ups things. And if you do not have time for the entire album then make sure you play Happy, then you’ll make time for the album! Tough on Tobacco talks about the obvious thing and whether you quit smoking or not this is a good composition for me.

Mushrooms get mentioned on this track named Forest of Doom, and you want to be there. I haven’t tried it yet and yea we can do it together. Closing the album is Wait Till the Night’s Out and that also is a good listen.

The soungwriting ability of the band is the main reason I got hooked on to the music. Stuff you and me think about have been put down in simple words, and Sidd Coutto keeps you engrossed by giving away social messages while the band manages to make everything sound cool and funny. Even the production is first-rate.

The album can get you high, will make you miss someone, lets you weep, and you would also laugh out loud. If you are looking for something more, then you need to get back to your planet. Tough on Tobacco‘s The Happy Goat manages to connect with the listener and it all starts with their album cover.

Rating : 4.5/5

Get The Happy Goat  here.

Watch the official video for Taxi Song here. It was directed by Samira Kanwar and produced by Babble Fish Productions.

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