album review : Born of Unity (2010) – Zygnema

album : Born of Unity

artist : Zygnema

genre : Groove/Thrash Metal

year : 2010

Zygnema is seen on-stage more often now than off it and that’s a compliment. Sticking together for a longtime, Indian metal band Zygnema has managed to turn the audience reaction upside down through the years and horns up to the energy on display during their live gigs. And a full-length was needed to collect all the scattered tracks they’ve been playing. Those still not able to group them under a genre the closest I could get is groove thrash and that is what they play.

Born of Unity is another addition to the scores of Indian metal releases this year. It’s the band’s second release after a self produced demo they were out with in 2009. Born of Unity has nine tracks celebrating groove like the band is born to do that, and the genre being underplayed in India sets this album apart.

The initial two minutes of the album are named Phobia and it is a heart-warming intro. The attack begins from track number 2 called 59 wherein the word fuck has been used record number of times. Jokes apart, 59 promises to be a groove-fest. Both Phobia and 59 are inspired by the terrorist attacks that damaged Bombay in 2008 leaving behind a scar that is yet to be healed.

Groove metal has an advantage that it could be used on a metal themed dance floor as it can make you shake along with the usual break stuff. Making the groove factor more visible are the tracks Into the Darkest Night, Machine Sate Hibernation and Theory of Lies and Negation. The band is at its thrashy best in Scarface, Discriminate, Born of Unity. National Disaster has a place of its own with some neat riffing combined with a nice solo. There are no flimsy tracks here and I feel proud when I say that.

Every Zygnema-member has his own identity on the album but since the genre here is groove the drummer has a tougher task and that deserves a mention for a job well done. Born of Unity is a solid debut by Zygnema, trying to pass many a messages through the songs but I’d say all the work would prove futile in this five-lettered nation where you and me have no significance. You can start by playing the record at a parliamentary session. Just kiddin’. Keep up the work, guys!

Rating : 3.5/5

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