Ep review : Dirt Beyond Beauty (2010) – Silver Tears

ep : Dirt Beyond Beauty

artist : Silver Tears

genre : Progressive/Experimental Metal

year : 2010

Playing under a genre that is called experimental metal is quite possibly the safest thing a band can do as there is more space for creativity and exploration and the band can play genres which they might not be able to touch otherwise. Case in point is Silver Tears from Guwahati, India who have just released their debut Ep Dirt Beyond Beauty and what they have to offer has a broader view of the genre. They play everything quite comfortably without getting typecasted.

It took Silver Tears four tracks to be able to concoct their ideas, themes, music and themselves. The ep directly starts with a full track which is the title one. Obviously named Dirt Beyond Beauty, this track kickstarts with a few simple notes on the keyboard and goes directly to a solo. A harmonic start to an Ep does not always work well but here its agreeable. And once through this we have are in for a slow paced track that indulges in decent progressiveness.

Up next is Euphonious Odyssey. I felt the track’s name itself is a winner. Euphonious Odyssey translates to a pleasant sounding eventful journey and there are serious moments of euphony on this one. Timed at over seven minutes, track two has a gradual growth. Post-four minutes we are in for some neat amount of progressive part and the track culminates with an unhurried solo.

Track 3 is Deep Within. By now I am aware of the band’s pattern of how the song would begin. There is a facet of curiosity in this song. You think the song is going somewhere but it doesn’t. Impressive! Drifter is next and it is a juggle between dark and bright. The most avant-garde of the lot, Drifter is speedy too.

Silver Tears has clean vocals throughout with a tinge of much needed emotions in it. The keyboardist does not have much to do here, while the guitarists keep it floating.

There are noticeable hitches on the ep that become clear while playing it unless you aren’t busy digging your nose, yet Dirt Beyond Beauty is a fresh release from India. This sextet from Guwahati have earned the right to get some attention. And the Ep is being given out for free by the band in a week’s time. Download away!

Rating : 3/5

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