album review : A Cult of Negation (2010) – Nocturnal Depression

album : A Cult of Negation

artist : Nocturnal Depression

genre : Depressive Black Metal

year : 2010

The genre of depressive black metal has a lot of haters primarily because bands choosing to stay true to this form of music forget to get a good production. They get so drowned in sorrow that sometimes their tracks seem to have been recorded for personal consumption. Talking about Nocturnal Depression, they too have walked through all of this but in their case the music was disturbing and that pretty much made up for most of the shitty recording.

Turning a blind eye was just not an option when I heard their demo Suicidal Thoughts and album Nostalgia – Fragments of a Broken Past amongst their other releases. But now when they have finally decided to give a damn about decent recording for their new album A Cult of Negation their lamenting has had an impact. The album contains six tracks with names that strictly follow the norms of the genre but the content doesn’t.

Credo Negativo is a very routine track and I’ll have to turn off the lights to set in the mood. Track number 2 has been picked up from Varg‘s work. Burzum has already done all this. Tracks like the fourth Home Asylum and the last one The Cult of Negation are not the ones I expect to see on a depressive band’s fourth full-length. That’s like letting someone go after committing four murders.

With everything said, track three – We’re All Better Off Dead and track 5 – Dead Children do pile up the grief. Both of them seem like one step up from some of their previous good works. But do they make up for the entire album? – No, as the other four tracks are just not in the same league.

Not many depressive band have come this far though. A Cult of Negation is their best album in terms of recording but they have produced seriously depressive stuff in the past. Nocturnal Depression has been promising and they can be trusted some more in spreading the negative force which for many like me works wonders.

Rating : 2.5/5

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