album review : Nifelvind (2010) – Finntroll

album : Nifelvind

artist : Finntroll

genre : Humppa Folk Metal

year : 2010

Every metalhead should experience the joys and melodies of folk metal as it traps culture and glomps you completely with the fearless approach towards several aspects. Finntroll has come a long way from the time they released Midnattens Widunder. I think of Finntroll whenever I encounter the term ‘troll’ under any circumstance not only because they have it in their name but they had a really fun track called Trollhammaren. Thereafter it was the Nattfödd phase followed by Ur Jordens Djup and many other folk acts are having a tough time catching up with the pace at which Finntroll is succeeding. Well, only a countable few are up there anyways.

Nifelvind is the sixth album by these metallers from Finland who chose to release another record in Swedish. The band’s definition of their music is humppa folk metal. So apart from your usual folk there is humppa added to it which is a funky type of music from their land. You can sense the same in the intro track Blodmarsch itself.

Celebrations begin from track two Solsagan where the band is seen getting comfortable with the darker elements. This expression has also been captured on tracks like Den Frusna Munnen, I Trädens Sång, Mot Skuggornas Värld and Dråp as well. As the album progresses we realize the album is not an out and out folk record and that is where we find an answer for the humppa bit.

Acoustic track Galgasång is full of folk divinity and timed well. The tracks which have the stamp of purity towards the folk genre are Ett Norrskensdåd, Under Bergets Rot and Under Dvärgens Fot. Going well with the beats and music are the tolerant screeches which make you leave behind the Finntroll you have heard before.

This decade’s last year has produced so many good albums under each genre that I hardly didn’t expect folk to not be in the race. Finntroll has produced yet another dance material. Lot of neck movements, dark patches, speed and ofcourse folk with the humppa flavor is what we have on Nifelvind.

Rating : 3.5/5

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