Stupid Octopus Paul no more

After spoiling all the fun during the football world cup 2010 the ugly looking eight legged creature named by his dumb fans as psychic octopus paul has reportedly died sometime this week. Death threats had already begun when he was in focus back then but it seems the stupid octopus decided to save others the trouble of killing him.

i predicted your death

A shame to the entire race of octopuses, Paul looked really ridiculous and should have been killed, fried and fed to all the angry fans of Netherlands. With all the limelight given to him, the media world over thought this was what would get them their audience when there was a world cup being awaited for four fucking years was on. The people who raised the octopus should be packed off to some desert along with the creature. Let me see them showering all the love to two year old Paul when they would not have anything else to feed themselves with.

But now that Paul with four irritating pairs of tentacles has finally died the marine life can breathe easy. Fuck Paul and the ones who raised him. You all would go to hell like the pulpo himself. Dare you rest in peace, Paul.


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