album review : Blood of the Nations (2010) – Accept

album : Blood of the Nations

artist : Accept

genre : Heavy Metal

year : 2010

German bands are releasing some really powerful albums this year, and as a fan of metal I could not have possibly wanted to lose these moments. Every metal artist around the world is keen on entering the studio and are going beyond their greatest extents to jolt the fans. The year has been fantastic and there is more to come. Even a band like Accept having been in hibernation for fourteen years has made such an orgasmic comeback that fans need not pine for heavy metal anymore. Formed in 1968, the band has eleven albums under them and are certainly enjoying their space up there amongst the legends. Their new release Blood of the Nations might take you by surprise as the energy is infectious.

Thirteen tracks combine to form a monstrous album Blood of the Nations. The first riff itself has a story to tell and has an interesting name to it – Beat the Bastards. This track has a classic sound to it and the album is going to be a rewarding expedition. Upbeat riffing by Wolf Hoffmann and Herman Frank with balanced amounts of heaviness and melody wins your heart. There are oodles of solos and every ticking second of the album has the stringed instruments melting you. To know what I mean check out the tracks The Abyss, Shades of Death and Teutonic Terror.

The title track Blood of the Nations will have you in high spirits as. Time Machine, Kill the Pain and No Shelter will help you leave all your troubles behind as it is a very comforting development on the album. Slow on pace and angelic in feel, the tracks bond well with the listener. Tenth track Pandemic is the only unoriginal track on Blood of the Nations. Except for the solo at the end we have been through tracks having a similar riffing and semblance.

Mark Tornillo joined the band in 2009 as the vocalist and he shines the most on Rolling Thunder, New World Comin’, Bucket Full of Hate and Locked and Loaded.

I am in love with the album cover and with Blood of the Nations we are looking at the heavy metal album of the year. Unless some other band decides to give their music more than a hundred percent they cannot beat these old musicians. Accept is on fire and they want you to burn along with them.

Rating : 4/5

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