album review : Necrocosmos (2010) by Nahemoth

album : Necrocosmos

artist : Nahemoth

genre : Black Metal

year : 2010

Blood of Kingu, Drudkh, Raventale, Darktrance, Hate Forest, and Kroda are some of my favorite artists from Ukraine. So when I bumped into Nahemoth from the same country it was more like wanting to check out the band than just hearing it as a new release. Nahemoth writes some material that can be called original in its own way but well not that alluring. This is their debut release and its named Necrocosmos.

Necrcosmos has nine tracks. The intro to the album is Ya! Zat-i Shaitan!. It is one and a half minutes long and has an arabic touch to it. Bands from Ukraine can be found to have a lot of such stuff where they make use of something or the other to produce music – instrument or not. Track two is the longest at almost eleven minutes. The moment Ad Majorem Satani Gloriam plays we have a drum machine partnering with the guitars providing some ominous music. The track ends with some chanting. Track three is Ñèÿíèÿ Îìåãè Áåçìîëâíûé Æíåö and the apocalypse of the previous track is carried forward.

Nahemoth is a one-man band by Ayzen Kaoz and all the guitars, bass, programming and vocals is done by him. The album is in Russian and so are the names. Track four is slow in pace initially with an epic sad feel, it then grows faster. It is named Ïîòîìêè Ðàñû Íåôåëèìîâ – Íàõåìîò. Via Infernali is an acoustic track of two minutes. As we move ahead the evil factor of the album is seen ascending and there are variations done on the vocals too.

The flow of the album somehow grips the listener as the guitar has been tuned to get a desired sound. And with Mater Daemonum we are looking at the best track yet. Title track Necrocosmos has some black metal sirens waking you up. Some backgrounds effects have been provided too. The album concludes with  Õîëîäíûõ Âîëíàõ Áåçâðåìåíüÿ where Ayzen shows he knows what he wants from the instruments.

ayzen kaoz

I believe underground bands should try and work on making black metal differently with numerous elements that can be considered original and are still genre driven. Necrocosmos has dark moments and then there are some uniform ones too. Still, for a one-man project Necrocosmos is a rumbling start.

Rating : 3/5

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