album review : A God’s Lie (2010) – Devoid

album : A God’s Lie

artist : Devoid

genre : Thrash/Death Metal

year : 2010

Formed with an intention of keeping thrash metal alive in this part of the world, Devoid is one band that has only grown. And the growth has been on the other side of the stage too. I have personally witnessed this metamorphosis from being termed a Slayer-cover band (which itself is a feat) to where they are today.

With a stable line-up for the longest time, Devoid had to think only about making metal. For those reading this and are clueless, Devoid is a four-piece deathrash band from Bombay, India who released their debut album titled A God’s Lie. Here I go through the album track-by-track to give you an insight into this Demonstealer Records release that is as much old school as it personifies the metal of today :

A Silent Death – Intro to a thrash album should always be impactful or maybe not give away anything. This one lets you wander about and is uncluttered with just a few notes played but it speaks for itself.

Battle Cry – Thrash goes well with weapons and war and no guesswork is required to understand what would be let loose here. With another intro to the track you are taken through some calculated drumming before the speed takes over. Broken down at various places to introduce a new riff prevents the track from following the routine of a stickler. The missing link of a solo is fulfilled and for a good two minutes we are set.

Possessed – The tightest track written by the band, be it on the album or live. Slaps you hard with no room for a shift. Track name clarifies the theme but still an intro is present. And there is a solo right at the beginning fuckers! The thrash deal is inked thereafter, and is the first death metal touching track. Melodic riffs follow and headbanging is made a compulsion. Bass gets a mention for Possessed.

Devoid of Emotions – The song commences with an introductory riff which is one of those that is hard to neglect. This one also fits in the thrash domain. More work was required on the lyrics. The track exits the way it entered, but not before they spice it up with a solo.

Black Fortress – The oldest track by the band has proved its worth and only then has managed to get this far. Succinctly melodic and sticking to the theme, this one here represents early-Devoid. This song has been revamped, fine tuned and is the best representation of thrash/death on A God’s Lie.

Hate Cult – Track six is an old school track. Complete with the anger, riffing, lyrics, drumming, groove, vocals, solos and all of this personifies the hate. An underrated track on A God’s Lie but needs to be heard a couple of times in order to multiply the liking.

New World Order – Alright this one brings a change and is the heaviest track. It’s severely death and a section of it has a pace that Devoid does not perform on any other track. There is also a voiceover thrown in here and there to keep things crude. New Order World is also home to a repetitive portion which you have heard somewhere else, but the track isn’t monotonous.

A God’s Lie – The title track is the longest but isn’t that long compared to an average thrash track. Every department of the band is seen outdoing each other. Whether it is the speed, instruments, vocals or lyrics. It gets intense towards the second half with my favorite subject being crushed with a heavy fucking blow. If you think A God’s Lie isn’t a cool name for a track or an album then you aren’t cool enough.

Beersong – Don’t know why this has been called a bonus, maybe because the idea does not fit in amidst what we have gone through to reach this one or maybe because beer deserves a separate mention. Well whatever it is this is a fun track with fun lyrics and is very much thrash. Beersong gets reviewed separately here.

The album was produced at MotorG Studios, Bombay. Although the recording is raw it could be amended a little more. Violet shades on the cover with the betel-chewed tongue is totally rocking. More than an album A God’s Lie is a compilation of all Devoid tracks we have headbanged to for more than five years now and this fusion of thrash, death and melody needs to make its way to your player.

Rating : 4/5

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