album review : Jupiter (2010) – Atheist

album : Jupiter

artist : Atheist

genre : Technical Progressive/Death/Thrash Metal with Jazz influences

year : 2010

Fucking your brain with their unique brand of progressive metal since 1988, these non-believers of god make me and all other atheists proud. All three of their previous albums strum the nerves in their own way and only fans of Atheist can tell you how it is to wait for the band’s new album for so long. Seventeen years since their previous album Elements with a split and reformation in between, it does not seem like the band ever required to brush up their skills.

Think of the band and there is a certain something that you hear inside your head. All of that and even more is up for grabs on their fourth release Jupiter. Not compromising on their music one bit, there are eight short-and-sweet tracks on the album. The journey to space begins with Second to Sun, and this is competition to their fastest album Unquestionable Presence.

Atheist has the distinction of combining jazz and progressive metal stylishly while boggling even death and thrash players. And drummer Steve Flynn makes it a point to confuse you with vocalist Kelly Shaefer snarling at dizzying heights. But holding together the entire band and polishing the technical sound are guitarists Jonathan Thompson and Chris Baker. They change colours so rapidly that even a blink can cost you.

Live and live again has been jazzed up and even has an intense solo. My picks from this album that has all good tracks would be Second to Sun, Faux King Christ, When the Beast and Third Person. On Tortoise the Titan the band reduces the progression and speedens. It’s hard to pick flaws on this record but I really miss the raw sound of their earlier albums as this one is more refreshed.

Off-timed music and technically rich as always, the stamp of Atheist members playing their instruments is really felt. And Jupiter has the band telling you that the technical progressive genre belongs to them. Get aside!

Rating : 4/5

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